Integral Services

At Embasa we accompany you throughout the process

1- Our technical salesperson picks up the customer’s packaging needs based on the need, we think of customized solutions.

2- Carrying out the structural design based on the product to be contained, its size and shape, its weight, its fragility or resistance, ergonomics (container handling), way of using the product, risk of distribution and suitability for it. Making a prototype with the appropriate materials.

3- Graphic design, sometimes it is given by the client, we check that it is suitable for printing or our team makes the design based on the corporate identity and the information to be contained in the container.

4- Once the graphic and structural designs have been approved, production begins following the entire technical briefing of both the chosen materials (corrugated, foldings, recycled, etc.) as well as the printing, die-cutting and manipulation process.

5- Constant quality controls are carried out throughout the production process, with a traceability system per batch and order.

6- The importance of delivery dates is a priority for us, so respecting what has been agreed at all times, delivery is made at the place indicated by the client. And in other cases, it is deposited in our warehouse helping the customer in carrying out the distribution process.